Happy Birthday SL !


I went to the big party being held for SL’s 12th anniversary…I been here now 2 plus years and still love everything about it. The event itself is huge, and lots of freebies! I got planes, boats and fangs!! a girl needs fangs, right? There is going to be a migration to the updated and hopefully shiny version of SL in the next couple years, and I know that alot of my inventory is going to be stuck in SL ver.1.12 and that makes me a bit sad…but as long as there is this version I will be here, looking sexy and having fun with the people I have grown so fond of. Once the new SL goes live, I will be there and hopefully as awed by the place as i have been this current version..and even though I hear many people saying they won’t move over, I expect that just like the arrival of mesh bodies and clothes, people will head over to see the new and ride the rides…so, Happy Birthday Second Life..and a toast to the new one about to be born! Oh!! and there was a PELICAN at the party!! PERFECT!!!!

fff_006 fff_004 fff_002


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