Fathers Day Present

I was going to try and do a bit of documenting places I love in SL, and so it being fathers day and all I chose to do a few pics of my SL dad Othius Zane’s place…It is going away in a week or two I am told be his lovely lady Candy, so I figured this was a good time to capture it. He made the build himself and it sits high in the air. He decorates it much like I remembered his old club Exile was..right down to the giant images of his loved ones up on the wall.. He called it Vlos D’Rathir…I might have to ask him wot that means Lol…Anyways, this is to remember the fun times here, happy father’s day dearest Dad….

ddd_010 ddd_009 ddd_008 ddd_007 ddd_006 ddd_005


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