Barely There


Ok, my photo sessions by myself can reach fever pitch…I have a very evocative in the spirit of showing off, I went from these sexy straps by Tay Lay…again with the Muka pentagram undies…bbb_002

To this sweet and sultry body suit by SALT…now I want to pass on a good word for SALT’s designer Marie Therese…I had a HUD issue when I got the bodysuit unpacked…sent her a short blah…she got back to me and was relentless until she fixed the quirky HUD…I am told I was the only person having this bug so I was a little unsurprised really…but her attention was really excellent..fixed me all up and OMG I look hawt!..and YES!! Thats applied over my Maitreya Lara mesh body! ! So, BIG HUGS  Marie…thanks luv!

ccc_005 ccc_004 ccc_003


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